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Ley nueva de envios de batterys lipos.

You can still shipped acceptable amounts of lipos battery thru air as long its less than 100watts per hour "per pack" . example, 11.1 v x 2.2 = 24.42 watts per hour per pack.. they need to be packed properly as not to cause short circuit or get punctured easily... large amount of lipos like the palletized cases are no longer allowed thru air.. some vendors like hyperion start to split pack their large batteries ( 22.2v x 5.5 = 122.1 wattsperhr) in to two packs in order for them to ship thru the air... hobbyking cont. to ship their lipos thru air.. i hope non of them is over 100wattsperhr. packs!.. hope this help ..

link below is for passenger hand carry but also applies to shipping thru air via UPS/FedEX, USPS etc etc..
more info at

Note tsa is now inforcing this laws it been on the table since 2008.
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